This morning I realized something that can help a backend person to manifest their work without sharing anything proprietary.

Whenever I talk to my husband about my job, he tells me to exhibit my work. I understand where he is coming from. He is a Product Designer. As a front-end guy, he projects his work through the apps he creates. When someone asks him “ Hey, tell me what you have worked on?”, he can open websites of his apps and show them. He can share the code he used to create those apps on GitHub and call it a day.

For a backend person who works on Big Data & Data Warehousing technologies, I have core backend knowledge. I create strategies for product teams. I help determine data platforms that they should be using and also the pieces they should add to their framework to make their platform cool. I can talk about this all day long, but how do I display my work? I can’t post proprietary code on Github. I can’t share proprietary strategy diagrams and documentation on any internet medium.

My awakening today is that you don’t need to share the end product to present your work — you just need to show your process. In the long run, this might become a log of the things you have done, that can help debug and fix whenever you run into the same thing again or be a resume whenever you decide to switch jobs.

Initial thoughts on content include new learnings, how-to‘s, concepts, optimizations or anything that you are proud of. The focus of any article should be on one thing and how to do that thing well. Choice of a writing medium is a must. I chose Medium because its simple to use.

Happy writing!