Why I am going to start writing Tech Tidbits

It’s one of those things that you almost know.

If you are looking at this article, you are like me. You have done this before. You thought this was so easy that you didn’t care to note it anywhere. But when the time came and you had to do this again — BLANK. Think of bits of tech thats we think is easy, but is not actually easy to remember. No matter how much you dig you cannot fully retreive it.

These articles that I am going to write are going to be 1 or 2 min reads of tech snippets based on different technologies that I have come across.

You might be able to get these on Stack Overflow or Google it, but there are going to be atleast 5 other ways to do the exact same thing and it might take you five chances to figure out what works. My proposition in doing these tidbits, is to eliminate the possibilities and provide one solution that will work in a proven way.

There will also be a quick line by line code walkthrough to understand why a certain thing is done in a certain way.

I also want to share a quick example to visualize how its done despite the trivial nature of these tidbits.

Let’s start.