Learn Git & GitHub in 1 minute

Here’s a 1 minute version of Git and GitHub after taking an 8 hour class.


It is a source code repository integrated with change management. These are the basic terms you need to know:


Local client that can push/pull data from GitHub

git init — Initialize local repository

git add — Add files to staging area

git commit — Commit files to staging area

git push — Push commits to GitHub

git fetch — Pull newly added content from GitHub

git pull — Pull new and changed content from GitHub

git branch — Add a new branch

git checkout — Add and switch to new branch


Public Repository with User Interface

Pull request — Review & merge changes from a branch to the master branch

Clone — Download a copy of repo

Fork — Duplicate repo to add extensions

Pushing code from Git to Github

Git — > Staging (Local) — > GitHub

Pulling code from GitHub to Git

GitHub — > Git

Git & GitHub is the Chandler Bing of Friends. It will be your good friend once you get to know it.

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