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  1. Feature: A query which would generate a subset of the data with the transformations embedded into it. Eg. “Select all the employees who are over 50 years old” is a feature by itself.
  2. Feature Set: A group of relevant feature queries is called a Feature Set.
  3. Feature Data: The executed output of a Feature query.
  4. Feature Store: A data management product that stores and manages all the feature data.



Client Side(Open up terminal or some command line):

  1. Sudo into your proxy id on the remote client → sudo su — proxyid
  2. Change to hidden ssh directory → cd .ssh
  3. Run ssh-keygen to generate your public and private key pair → ssh-keygen
  4. When prompted for a passphrase, you may or may not input it. Two files will be generated (id_rsa and
  5. Set…



  • Docker is already installed on your machine
  • Image Repository already created on Quay and repository secrets added to Openshift. Follow steps 4 and 5 of this article to get this set up.

Step 1: Create your Dockerfile:

  • Data metrics: Time taken for a certain dataset to be loaded, Volume of data being loaded etc.
  • Application metrics: Different stages of a job, tasks…

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Why Solr?

Terms you MUST know

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